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If you're a Cake Designer, professional or amateur, then this space is for you!

With my 10 years as a trained Patisserie Chef, I work hard to bring together the Art of Patisserie and Cake Design together to create cakes that are unique and delicious. 

All my courses have been designed with YOU in mind, whereas you are a seasoned Cake Designer looking to try something different like making a Croquembouche or another Ganaching Technique, or a complete beginner, you will find something crafted just for you.

All the courses have a lifetime access, so you can learn at your own pace.

Caking and Pâtissering (yep, that's a new word) is all about having fun, so let's just do that! 



Ganache perfect

Become a Ganache master!

Learn the failproof Zaza Marcelle Ganaching Method for sharp and straight edges


This course is a complete guide to Ganache where I share with you my own technique, but also my preferred recipes (plural, as I never use the same ganache to fill and to cover a cake...) and bringing you my experience as a former Chocolatiere, I teach you the basics of Ganache making, what is an emulsion, and what to do when things don't go as planned...


You will find a Workbook full of informations - from recipes to the equipment I use, I share it all. 


And lastly I walk you through my failproof Ganaching Method for perfect cakes in a comprehensive step by step video tutorial. 

Perfectly sharp edges are not magic, all you need is the right technique, and the right tools, and in this course I show you just that.





Want to add Croquembouche to your cake menu?


Are you scared it might be too complicated? How do you make Choux Pastry? What do you fill your Choux buns with? How do you decorate it?


I am here to let you know that all these questions have answers, and you will find them inside this course! 

You wil learn all the tips of the trade to make your own stunning looking Croquembouche from start to finish.


Want to know more? Click on the link to discover the full class curiculum and Trailer.


See you on the other side!



the art of


In this mini course I am sharing my six favourite buttercream recipes:

- The Brown Sugar Swiss Meringue buttercream

- My exclusive Fruit Puree Meringue buttercream

- The Crème Anglaise Buttercream (a French Classic)

- The Chocolate Buttercream 

- The Fondant Buttercream - a silky smooth, quick and easy American Buttercream alternative

- And the last addition to the course: my exclusive Honey Meringue Buttercream! A super-yummy-and-super-smooth  Buttercream that will make your cake extra-special, specially if you want to pair it with some warming Christmas spices, or in the Summer with a delicious Rhubarb cake! Possibilities are endless...

But this course is not simply a recipe book. It is a course.

And by this, I mean that you will also learn the fundamentals of Buttercream making: the role of the key ingredients, the importance of temperatures, what to do when a buttercream splits, what equipment to use, etc.

And as a bonus, I also threw in my fave homemade flavouring options! Praliné, Coffee Extract, Pistachio Paste?

Yep, it's all in there!

So follow the link, and take your cakes to the next

level of deliciousness!