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Business Presentation Brochure Template

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Are you a Cake Artist?

You just had a lead for wedding cake clients, you've emailed them back and forth to figure out what type of cake they need, just to hear that actually, they can't afford you... Or sometimes not even hear anything back at all! Sounds familiar?

Since having created this brochure for my business, every single time I get a new lead, they receive one of those, before we even start talking quote, and by the time they've read it, they will know if yes or not they can afford my services, and if I am a good fit for them!


This process has saved me SO MUCH time and energy, and today I am bringing to you this fully editable template to save you just as much time! 

When a lead comes in, all you have to do is send them your brochure that lays down for them ALL your ordering process and price guide. 

Not only will it make your business stand out and look super pro, but it will also naturally let your customers know if you are indeed (or not!), a good fit for them. 

Gone is the time when you had to explain to each new potential customer the whole wedding cake ordering process. This brochure will allow you to let them know how you do things: who you are, your philosophy, but most importantly, your price guide which in many cases will save you from having to work out quotes to customers that just can't afford you.

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If you're a Cake Designer, dealing daily with new wedding cakes enquiries, this brochure is for you!

Fully editable template, with a quick step-by-step video.

Can be used with a free Canva account!

Modern, sleek and easy to digest brochure to show your potential new clients what your business is all about! No more back and forth emails where you have to explain your prices or your booking process. 

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