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to Zaza Marcelle's Online Cake School!

So glad to have you here!

From Croquembouche to Buttercream and Fondant, browse our selection of Cake Design courses and business template.

I am showing you how I do things at Zaza Marcelle's, and with a lifetime access to the courses, you'll be able to play, pause and repeat, allowing you to learn at your own pace, and from the comfort of your own kitchen. What's not to like?

See you on the other side...

Kate, Marble Cake Cie.

I have recently purchased a Modern Drip Cake online course from Zaza, and I am so glad I did.


It has a very comprehensive and clear content, supported with a hight quality videos for better understanding. Each individual video is straight to the point, not too long and boring, just what we need in this busy life. Some of the techniques Zaza uses are quite interesting and unique, which was so nice to discover something new.

All and all amazing course if you want to know how to get this crisp clean look on your cakes, learn new techniques and add a delicious cake recipe to your collection. Definitely recommend!

Chinelo, Good Cake Day

Oh my goodness! I’ve been wondering how to make chocolate discs with my logo for years.


Turns out I needed to learn how to temper my chocolate and a secret tip that Zaza shares in her tempered chocolate course. She breaks down the steps and processes in easy to digest steps that are also very clear.

I am so glad I invested in this course and would recommend it to anyone.

Meera, Meera Makes

When I first started working with ganache I had no problems with using dark chocolate at all.....but white chocolate was another story. I never achieved a nice smooth ganache, it always split and became grainy. Until I came across Zaza Marcelles Ganache Perfect tutorial.
Isabelle's knowledge and expertise when it comes to all things ganache is second to none. Once I started to understand the science behind ganache I felt so much more confident working with it. Really glad in this tutorial when I was a game changer for me!
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