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the art of buttercream

The course

In this PDF Workbook, you will find all things Buttercream!

It starts with the important stuff: the fundamentals of Buttercream making: the role of the key ingredients, the importance of temperatures, why does a Meringue Buttercream splits and how to avoid it - because like everything else in the patisserie world, a successful recipe start with a good understanding of the fundamentals!

You will also find how to make my favourite options from scratch: pistachio paste, coffee extract and Nuts praliné.

And of course, the reason you're here, my six favourite (and exclusive) buttercream recipes! 

- Light Brown Sugar Swiss Meringue Buttercream (aka Golden SMBC!)

- Fruit Puree Meringue Buttercream - as the name entails, a buttercream made from fruit puree for endless and colourful possibilities!

- Crème Anglaise (aka luscious custard) Buttercream

- My Chocolate Buttercream which is THE buttercream I use for my chocolate cakes - inside and out! 

- My Fondant Patissier Buttercream which is my favourite (and in my opinion the best!) alternative to the American Buttercream, but super silky and smooth - you won't be coming back once you've tried it!

And last but not least, the latest bonus additions:

- A step-by-step video of how to make my signature Golden Swiss Meringue Buttercream,

- My Honey Meringue buttercream! A silky smooth and floral buttercream that will give your cakes a unique twist!

IMG_2235 (1).jpeg

How does it work?

This course is a fully downloadable workbook that you will be able to keep and use as often as you wish. 

As mentioned above, it contains one step-by-step video for the Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

By purchasing this class, you have unlimited and lifetime access to it. 


That means, your class, your kitchen, your pace.

This course is beginner-friendly, but it has been designed with professional and amateurs Cake Artists in mind!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This course contains buttercream recipes only - it is not a cake "decorating" course, but all recipes are designed to be used by Cake Designers as the base of their cakes. 

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