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Bristol Cake

Because at times we all need a bit of guidance.

Welcome to The Power Hour.

How does it work? It is very simple.

  • Fill out this form (which will take about 2-3 minutes). Let me know where you need help in your cake business or cake decorating journey: this can be anything from how to deliver a tiered cake to how to streamline your customers management system, but also help with growing your Instagram or any other cake design related issue.

  • If I can help you with your pain points, I will offer you several time slots to book your Power Hour. If I can't help, I will let you know why and point you in the right direction whenever possible, free of charge.

  • Once your Power Hour is locked in and paid, I will assemble a bespoke package with all the information required to advise you on the best practices, tips, tricks and suggestions moving forward.

  • Finally, we have our 1-on-1 Power Hour session (A video call on WhatsApp), where we discuss in more detail where you need help, and I will let you know how to move forward.

Investment: £95

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Are you a cake professional and want to learn how to include Pâtisserie techniques like mastering the art of Croquembouche or macarons to enrich your cake menu? Or are you wanting to take your cake hobby to the next level and want to learn how to make immaculate cakes with sharp edges or how to make a wedding cake from end to finish?


Whatever your Cakes or Pâtisserie needs, get in touch today to discuss how I can help you.


Classes are bespoke to each student and are run from my home kitchen in Bristol. 

The private tuition fee is of £570 for a whole day or £1090 for two days (9am to 5pm - includes a light lunch).





Friday the 12th of January 2024 - SOLD OUT


£320 per person

New year, new cakes! What would it look like if next wedding season you could ice cakes faster than you ever could and more flawlessly than you ever thought possible?

Then this workshop is for you. 

You'll be learning the “Rolling” Panelling method (have a look here for a teaser), along with the classic upright panelling method in this one day Masterclass.

Spaces are extremely limited which means you get the best of a Masterclass with the intimacy of a private course.

Course curriculum:


  • Course starts with a demo of a 5” cake ganaching process using white couverture ganache with the ZM method (taught in my online courses) - BONUS:  Students will leave with a lifetime access to my Ganache Perfect online course [due to the length of the class your cake will already be ganached and ready to be covered in fondant]


  •  Cover it with fondant using the Rolling method.


  •  Cover a large dummy with fondant using the "Upright" method (which consists in rolling the fondant around the cake as it sits upright on the counter).

You’ll go home with your creations, and most importantly you’ll go home fully confident to do this back in your own kitchen.


Covering cakes with fondant just got easier, don’t miss out!

Spaces are very limited so click the link below to book your spot





Friday the 19th of January 2024 - SOLD OUT 

Thursday the 2nd of May 2024

Friday the 21st of June 2024 - SOLD OUT


£295 per person

Say bye bye to "Sponge + Buttercream" only cakes and come join me in this one-day Masterclass where you'll take a dive in the Patisserie world and all the tips and tricks it has to offer to level up your Cake Design game.

This course is for you if:

- You're intermediate-advanced cake maker (hobby or professional)


- You are eager to discover new techniques that you will be able to implement in all your cakes creations - celebration or weddings.

- You are super curious and love to play around with flavours combinations

- You've always wanted to step up from the good old "Sponge + Buttercream" combo but not too sure where to start (in which case, I've got you covered!)

When you combine the many techniques available to us from the world of Patisserie, the possibilities are simply endless. And the result: cakes that no other cake makers in your area will be able to compete with. 


So if you're ready to take your cakes to the next “Taste bracket” (and in turn start charging premium prices - because after all, when your creations are next level, your prices should follow) book your spot for this one day hands-on Masterclass.


Class Voucher

Why not surprise a loved with an in-depth cake masterclass?

Purchase a voucher for them to participate to any in-person cake Masterclass and/or private tuition. They can  chose which class they would like to attend, or you can chose for them from the available dates and classes at the time of booking.

Get in touch by clicking on the link below to order your voucher (vouchers are PDFs only). 

Please note: Masterclasses iare priced at  £320 per person and Private Tuition at £570 for a full day course.

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