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Please read through our Terms and Conditions before making your payment. By transferring money to Zaza Marcelle, you confirm that you have read and approved our Terms and Conditions.



When booking your wedding cake a non refundable £150 deposit is required. You will be sent two invoices, one for the deposit, and one for the remaining balance including any extra fees like delivery and cake stand hire. Once the deposit has been paid your date is officially secured and the remaining of the balance will then be due a month prior to the event.


Once the balance has been paid, work will start on your cake.


You can make your payment by cheque or bank transfer. Details will be found on your invoice. Unfortunately any payments made including deposits are non refundable should you cancel your booking.


For the celebration cakes and pâtisserie range, we kindly ask our customers to pay in full on order.


Delivery & Collection  

Celebration cakes and pâtisseries are to be collected at my kitchen unless arranged otherwise with the customer which may occur to an extra fee for the delivery.


Cakes that are collected from my kitchen are always boxed for transportation. I will provide you with full instructions on the care and handling of your cake. I would always recommend picking up your cake in a vehicle, on a flat surface (your boot for example), particularly Wedding Cakes as they can be very heavy. Note that once cakes have left the kitchen, full responsibility is with the customer.


If requested I will deliver your cake to your venue at a pre-arranged time. Deliveries are free within 5 miles of my kitchen. All other delivery charges can be provided on request and will depend on time and distance. I will liaise closely with your Hotel or event coordinator to ensure that the cake is delivered at the best possible time.


In case of severe weather conditions, public unrest, or other unexpected events that may make your venue inaccessible, you can be assured that I will always do my best to deliver as pre-arranged. Wedding insurance may give you peace of mind.


Set Up   

This is included in the delivery charge. When delivery is free,  there might still be a setting up charge of a minimum of £20 depending on the time needed to set up (big dessert tables, fresh fruits to install last minute, etc)


I kindly ask the customers to provide me with set-up details and arrangements made with your venue for the location and display of your cake. If I feel that the location is not suitable for the cake to last in good conditions (unstable location, direct sunlight, etc),  I will ask for it to be changed. A picture will be taken after the cake has been set to assure that it has been set up and left in good condition. After this, responsibility is left with the customers.


How to keep the cakes and pâtisserie   

After the event, wedding cakes leftovers can be kept in air tights containers: in the fridge for up to 10 days, be frozen, or just be kept at room temperature for up to 3 or 4 days (note that it is always best for them to be kept in a cool place).


Celebration cakes filled with Mascarpone cream and pâtisserie products MUST be kept in the fridge. Once opened, Jams and preserves must also be kept in the fridge.


Fruit cakes can last several months if well kept in airtight containers.



I am happy to make changes to your cake design and order up to 4 weeks prior to your event date. If ordering cupcakes or mini cakes you may also alter the amount of your order (remembering that there are some minimum orders). Please be aware that this may affect the balance due and your invoice will be adjusted accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your cake order, please just call.

Cake Stand Hire   

I ask for a £80 deposit if you want to borrow a stand from my collection. This is payable with your final cake payment. I kindly ask that all stands are returned to my kitchen by prior arrangement a maximum of 4 days after the event. This is because I may need it for another client. The deposit will be refunded within 48 hours of a return by arrangement.

Unfortunately, if stands are not returned, returned damaged or with pieces missing your deposit will be kept. Any refund is done at the discretion of Zaza Marcelle.

Some cake stands will be provided with a protective box. These MUST be returned in this box. If you choose to return stands via the postal system, you must package appropriately and Zaza Marcelle takes no responsibility for any damage caused by couriers or Royal Mail.

Flowers and in-edible items   

At the request of the client, cakes sometimes contain in-edible  items such as broaches, ribbons, flowers , feathers etc. All ribbons are attached to the cakes with small needles (usually on the back of the cake) and tiered cakes are dowelled with sticks to support their weight. All these items must be removed before serving and Zaza Marcelle accepts no responsibility for any harm these might cause.

I can provide flowers to decorate your cake, or I can liaise directly with your florist. Be aware that some flowers are not suitable for cake decoration, or may be toxic if eaten and all foliage must be removed before serving. Any contamination to your cake by products not provided by Zaza Marcelle is not our responsibility.

Dietary Requirements   

Unless specified otherwise, I use normal Flour (containing gluten), eggs, dairy products, and some cakes are made with nuts. I can provide Gluten-Free and Nuts-Free options for the Gluten and Nuts intolerents only: due to the nature of production, there might always be traces of gluten and nuts, therefore I can not provide cakes for people with severe allergies that could endanger their lives. Please note that I do not provide Dairy-free nor Vegan options but I will be happy to recommend trusted cake designers that do, if you needed guidance.  In the pâtisserie range, I sometimes have to use gelatin which is not suitable for vegetarians. I kindly remind my customers that it is of their responsibility to let me know of any specific dietary requirements. 

Please be aware that Zaza Marcelle cannot be held responsible for any ingredient contaminated at source, or any harm that may occur.

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