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The Modern Drip Cake Masterclass

Learn how to make Zaza Marcelle's signature Drip Cake from scratch -

all from the comfort of your own kitchen!

What you'll learn in this online course

All the steps detailed in different modules on how to bake, fill, assemble and decorate my signature and best-selling Orange, Raspberry & Pistachio Cake.  

You will be making a 5" Cake, with my very own recipes: the Classic Sponge which I'll teach you how to flavour, and my Golden Swiss Meringue Buttercream which you will also learn how to flavour - with Pistachio paste.

I will show you Zaza Marcelle's covering method for super crisp and sharp edges - a failproof method even if you don't have the sturdiest hands! 

You will then learn to decorate your cake in Zaza Marcelle's signature embroidered modern drip and how to apply gold leaf.

Lastly,  you will find a bonus chapter where you'll learn how to easily temper chocolate and create stunning branded chocolate "Wax" stamps to adorn your cakes with your own logo


Sneak peek this way! 

Written Material

This course is divided in different modules - each modules contains Written Content in the form of PDFs that you will be able to download and scroll through at your own pace. 

In those, you will find all the recipes and methods, along with my own pro tips, a bit of technology for you to understand each topic more in depth (the role of ingredients, why I am using those specific ingredients and why you should too, my preferred ways to colour drips, buttercream and chocolate, etc)

Step-by-steps Videos

Each module is completed with step-by-step videos showing you exactly how we make cakes at Zaza Marcelle's. This is how you'll see how we bake, cut, fill, cover our cakes, decorate, and make our chocolate decors. You will be able to play, pause, go back again and again as you wish. 

Bonus Chapter!

As a special bonus, you get an insight of my "Chocolate Tempering (and How To Make Your Own Chocolate "Wax" Stamps) Made Easy" mini course with this extra module where I will be showing you a no-sweat-no-mess way to temper chocolate and stamp away your own logo in white chocolate to make your cakes truly align with your branding. A must-do!


Who is this course for?


All cake lovers: whereas professional or amateur. Anyone who want to improve their Cake technique, learn new cake design techniques or are simply curious about how another cake designer does things.


How long do I get access?

Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to it. This will allow you to work at your own pace, and make the most of it! 

Do I need lots of equipment?

This course is designed with professional and amateurs cake designers, so most of the equipment I use is easily found in any cake lover's kitchen: Kitchen mixer, scrapers, cake board, etc! The Zaza Marcelle's covering method involves (but not only) ganache plates which I know not everyone owns. 

You will find a "Where to find" list at the end of the course where I share my preferred suppliers.

Can I download the course content?


All the PDFs are downloadable for easy access, yes. You will have to log in to access the videos however.

Can I use the course content for my own business?

ABSOLUTELY! Zaza Marcelle's online courses have been designed to help fellow cake designers (and aspiring cake designers!) in their cake journey, whether by teaching them new techniques or showing them things they already knew with a different approach. We only ask that you respect the courses Intellectual Property (that you will be able to find at the beginning of each course), and that you do not share the course content with people who have not enrolled in Zaza Marcelle's classes. And if you feel like tagging Zaza Marcelle on socials (@zazamarcelle), then we will be happy and honoured to re-share your work with our cake community! 



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