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Want to become a Croquembouche Pro? You're in the right place!

The course

This class has been designed with professional Cake Designers in mind but is also opened to any cake and patisserie lover and amateurs who want to add this mountain of yumminess to the list of things they can do to impress their guests.

When I ask my cake designers friends why they haven't started to offer Croquembouches on their cake menu, the answer is always a lack of knowledge, a fear that it is too complicated to make, or that it is too time consuming, too scary, etc, etc.

This is why I decided to create this masterclass in which you will learn

  1. How to prepare the structure that will hold your croquembouche together

  2. How to make craquelin, an essential step to making perfect round shaped choux

  3. How to master choux pastry

  4. How to make crème pâtissiere

  5. How to fill your choux 

  6. How to make caramel

  7. How to assemble your croquembouche

  8. How to decorate your croquembouche with fresh or sugar flowers

Sneak peek this way! 

How does it work?

Being a trained Pâtisserie Chef for the past 10 years, I walk you through all the important steps of Croquembouche making in  8 different Chapters.

Each Chapter is made of  several sub-chapters: you will find written material that contain all the technical explanations (recipes, extra tips and information) and videos showing you the actual step-by-step. 

The result in a very thorough class that allows you to cover ALL aspects of making a Croquembouche, covering everything from "What could go wrong" to "This is what things should look like".

I love when things are explained in depth to me, so I want my classes to cover things that we wouldn't necessary think about before starting. 


By purchasing this class, you have unlimited and lifetime access to it. 


That means, your class, your kitchen, your pace.

So? Ready to jump in and become a Croquembouche Master? 


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