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new year, new look!

What better way to start the year than launching Zaza Marcelle's brand new logo? This has definitely been one of the great adventures of 2017, finding the perfect designer, and working with her to nail the new brand image! They say that branding reflects the spirit of one's brand, and after all, it is what people see first (most of the time anyway).

I have been thinking about it for several months. In my mind I had some deep blue shades, clean lines, flowery patterns and some old fashion fonts. But how to put these ideas together... that was the challenge.

Thanks to Instagram and Facebook, I have been following some really talented designers and it was really important for me to work with small businesses like mine. That's when I found Betty Lou Design! I just kept going back to her page and it felt like love at first sight, I finally found The One ! The One, designer of course... Nicki, the talented owner of Betty Lou Design. She specializes in wedding stationery which is the reason that I first spotted her work. I was stunned by the modernity of her work, her very own style that defines her work, and I immediately loved it!

So, here it is, after a few weeks of passionate chats and exchanges , the final result!

It is all there, the clean lines, the deep blue, the flowery patterns, all hand-painted by Nicki, and now I just can't wait to have it all printed and share it with my lovely customers!

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