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Hello my friends!

Today I am so excited to be launching my second Youtube video (almost two years after the first one!! Needless to say that it was about time)

But the reason why I am so excited about this, is because I am officially announcing that there won't be two years between this one and the next ;)

I am jumping in this Youtube business, and I am so excited with the program I am planning on putting out there eeeeeeeeeek. It will have LOTS of Caketisserie tips & recipes.

Caketisserie you say?

This video was created in the spirit of my beloved Caketisserie concept, aka (as my sister loves to call it) the "love child" between Cake Design & Pâtisserie.

Almost 6 years ago I moved to England, with the firm intention to learn everything about Cake Design as I was obsessed with it - but France was seriously behind on that trend.

I was already a professionally trained Pâtisserie Chef and when I did the big jump across the pond, I worked as a patisserie Chef for a further 2 years, until I launched Zaza Marcelle. And in my mind, my goal was always to bring together Cakes & Pâtisserie.

Another few years down the line, and I can say that I am fulfilling that dream every day.

Caketisserie has always been in the background of everything I do, which is why I am so excited to share it with you!

This video is about a very particular cake, which is made of a Raspberry Sponge, and a whipped Garden Mint (from my own garden, if you please!) Ganache. I also had a bit of fun with the shape of the cake...

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to bake a hollow cake

  • My Raspberry Sponge (which is moist and delicious, obviously!)

  • How to make a Whipped Ganache, and how to infuse it

  • How to make a Raspberry & Mint coulis

  • How to finish a cake "fresh cream" style (which I speak about quite a lot on Instagram as I am OBSESSED with fresh cream cakes!)

  • How to make a fruit base chocolate drip!

This video is proper workshop material, which explain its length (18 minutes).

So seat back, enjoy the video, and get your shopping list in order to make that babe at home!

Oh and if you haven't already, hit that Subscribe button on Youtube, as there will be more awesome videos to come, and that is a promise!

Click on the photo below to watch ;)

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