celebration cake bristol

Celebration Cakes can be either covered in buttercream or in sugar fondant. Price will mainly depend on that difference, and of course on the amount of decorations and size. All my celebration cakes are by default 5" tall and finished with the same clean and elegant finish. Here is a short list that will give you an idea on starting prices:

Covered with buttercream

5"   from £55 | serves 10-15 slices

6"  from  £70 | serves 15-20 slices

8"   from £90 | serves 25 slices

10"  from £120 | serves 40 slices

Covered with Fondant Paste

5"   from £75 | serves 8-10 slices

6"   from £95 | serves 15 slices

8"   from £110 | serves 25 slices

10" from £135 | serves 40 slices

I ideally require a minimum of two weeks lead time to order a celebration cake.

Although, do not hesitate to get in touch even under this lead time as I am always happy to accommodate if I had availability. 


Blue Lemon | Lemon sponge baked with fresh Blueberries, filled with lemon curd and buttercream


Chocolate truffle | a dark and beautiful chocolate sponge layered with Zaza Marcelle's signature Chocolate buttercream. 


Chocolate & Praliné | the same chocolate sponge, filled with homemade hazelnut and almonds praliné buttercream (with orange zests in option)


Coffee & Hazelnut | A twist to the classic Coffee & Walnuts, a moist coffee sponge filled with homemade hazelnut praliné buttercream.


Almond, lemon and raspberry | a light almond sponge baked with raspberries and filled with lemon curd and buttercream. A must-have!

Orange, Pistachio & Raspberry | a moist Orange sponge baked with fresh raspberries and filled with a homemade pistachio cream



Zaza Marcelle's kitchen has been rated 5 Stars by the Food Standard Agency.

While every measure is taken to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, known allergens such as nuts, Gluten, dairy, and eggs are processed daily in the kitchen. Gluten free, Nuts-free and Eggs-free options are offered for people with intolerances only.

I will not provide cakes for people with severe allergies as they could endanger their lives. 

Do not hesitate to ask for more allergens information.